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Brick Master BM 860

The next generation in squaring

The BM 860 belongs to the newest generation of Bricking machines. It can handle G6 (1000 x 1000 mm) as well as 6” and 8” mono c-Si. The maximum work piece height has been increased up to 550 mm. The use of diamond wire enhances the output by up to 100% compared to slurry-based bricking. The G6 format increases the output by an additional 40% (multi c-Si).

  • New machine concept with 300° freely accessible cutting room and 60% smaller footprint
  • Increased output due to Diamond Wire and G6 format, up to 240 MW
  • 25% reduced TCO compared to slurry based bricking (same formats)
  • Up to 60% reduced initial investment cost
  • >95% Uptime
  • 50% reduction of downtime between cuts due to innovative concept
  • 30% less pulleys compared to competitors

Modular concept - minimal foot print

The new machine concept of the BM 860 is based on proven Meyer Burger wire saw technology. The cutting room has 300° of free access and enables easy loading by fork-lift. The foot-print was optimized through compact arrangement of the different components. For the same production volume, the BM 860 needs 60% less space than comparable slurry-based systems. The proven concept of the extractable cutting unit was maintained and further optimized by including a quick-release system for a fast changeover of complete shafts.

Diamond wire from Diamond Technologies Inc.

As members of Meyer Burger Technology Group Diamond Wire Technologies Inc. and Meyer Burger Ltd. develop together diamond wire processes for solar wafering. The result of this unique co-operation in PV business is besides market leading output, a high surface quality, high accuracy of brick geometry and stable processes.

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Fact Sheet & VIDEO

BM 860 Factsheet EN